The climate in Pays de la Loire is mild, temperate and quite similar to that of Brittany. There are no extremes to greatly affect the region, meaning cool winters and summers that won’t leave your skin blistering. One of its main benefits is the warming effect brought to the shores of the Loire Atlantique and further inland by the mighty North Atlantic Drift.

Since Pays de la Loire is such an outdoor wonderland, it is important that the weather be compliant and luckily it is! The summer days are generally sunny and warm, without being hot. The average summer temperature reaches about 30°C, with a salty sea breeze providing refreshment. The winter months do get cold, but rarely do the days reach freezing. They winter is, however, the wettest season in Pays de le Loire.
2020-08-15 27°C
2020-08-16 24°C
2020-08-17 24°C
2020-08-18 24°C
2020-08-19 24°C